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“There's the sense that HRTLSS is shifting up a gear” (CLASH Magazine)


“He’s invented his own niche, it’s grungy, rock infused, electronic, ITS GORGEOUS” Alyx Holcombe (BBC Introducing Rock, Radio1)


“I’ve never heard anything like this before, this is new, I’m blown away.” Jaret - Bowling For Soup.


The enigmatic sound HRTLSS creates blurs the lines between Rock, Pop and Metal blending them into a heavy, electronic powerhouse of emotional conveyance. While championed by local BBC Introducing shows, HRTLSS has received support from National BBC Radio 1’s Future Alternative, Radio 1’s BBC Introducing, Indie Show, Introducing Rock (including track of the week!), as well as playlist support from multiple digital streaming platforms.


“Misfits, outcasts, HRTLSS is undoubtably one of us. He has a firm grip on the future of music”, Nels Hylton.


As a high school drop out and former Metal guitarist, HRTLSS spent his youth touring Europe, debuting music videos on MTV2, being published in Kerrang! Magazine and the band even being noted as the ‘New young whipper snappers of Metal’ by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Not to mention supporting some of todays biggest metal bands including the likes of Architects, Bullet for My Valentine, Enter Shikari - the list goes on.


After a musical hiatus and finding a new vision to bring to life, HRTLSS has come, seen, and is determined to conquer. HRTLSS is certainly one to look out for.

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