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ǝuo SS˥⊥ᴚH ǝɥʇ


HRTLSS blends elements of rock, pop and grunge and even draws inspiration from his teen years in a metal band.


Fully Backed and Championed by BBC Cambridgeshire, HRTLSS has received support from National BBC Radio 1’s Future Alternative and Radio 1’s BBC Introducing, and Introducing Rock with Alyx Holcombe! “Misfits, outcasts, HRTLSS is undoubtably one of us. He has a firm grip on the future of music”, Nels Hylton. 


Growing up, he shared a passion for music, and skateboarding, both of which were taught to him by his big brother Andy who sadly passed away aged 18. Their bond was so strong, this left a huge dent in his life, experiencing such pain at a young age, he found comfort in the music of Linkin Parks Hybrid Theory, and this is when HRTLSS first picked up the guitar to write, and to help aid those emotions.


 His musical journey began dropping out of high school, and forming a band that toured heavily around Europe, debuting their music on MTV2, receiving support from Kerrang Magazine and even being noted as the ‘New young whipper snappers of Metal’ by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. The young artist smashed out 6 years of heavy touring until parting ways with the band aged 19, to explore other avenues. 


After a break and back with his new project, which launched in 2020 - HRTLSS has come, seen, and is determined to conquer.

This isn’t an artist to be slept on.
 Everything is written/performed/produced by HRTLSS, and his counter-part producer TTen.

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